Nail Tips/Forms

Salon stiletto nail 240pcs picture

These are tips you can use for competitions, practice your nail art and display your gel polish collection on.

Re-usable forms 240pcs for polygel picture

This is the ideal tip to use for making extension on your client's nails with PolyGel, this makes filing easier and shaping the extensions for your client's.

Stiletto form 300pcs/roll picture

These forms are great for any shape extenstions you want to build for your client's.

Nail form 500 pcs/roll r45 picture

These forms are great to practice on for sculpting nails.  This roll has 500 pieces on it, you will be able to do 50 client's on a roll like this.

Coffin tips full tips picture

These tips are ideal to make Press-on Nails for your client's.  You can customise them according to your clients needs

Stiletto full tips 120 pcs picture

These are Stiletto Full tips to create Press-on Nails for your client.  Cutsomise the nails according to your client's desires.

Square full tips (long) 100 pcs picture

These are square tips to create Press-on Nails for your clients.  You can customise them just as your client would like them.  Only available in clear.

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