Nail Art Brushes

Ombre brush picture

This brush will help you create the perfect omber on your client's nails.

3pcs different size striping brush picture

These brushes will help you free hand lines and swirls

3pcs lining/striping brush picture

These crystal incased lining/striping brushes will be a great addition to your nail art brushes and assist you to do your free hand nail art.

5pcs wood dotting tool picture

These dotting tools will make different size dots for your nail art.

Crystal kitana picture

This tool will help you pick up your crystals, gems and other nail art embelishments that you use to create wonderful nail art for your client's.

Wax rhinestone gem pencil picture

This wax pencil is ideal for picking up embelishments, gems, crystals and other nail art you want to use on your client's nails.

5pcs dotting pen tools picture

This is a 5 Piece dotting tool set with different sized dotting tools for you to create the perfect dots.

4 pcs striping brush picture

This is a great way to start your collection of stripping brushes to create wonderful freehand nail art for your clients.  Draw amazing lines.

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