Gel Application Brushes

3pcs gel brush picture

This will help you apply your builder gel on your client's nails.  There is 3 Brushes in this set and is good for a new nail technician that want to start his/her brush collection.

Gel round brush picture

This is a round gel brush that you can use for the application of product on your client's nails either the builder gel or use it with potted gel polish.

Gradient & gel dual brsh picture

This is a brush that will help you apply product on your clients nails or create an omber as there is a gradient brush as well.

Purple small singal gel bush r8 picture

This is a small beautiful little brush to have in a starter kit for a new nail tech in training and looks stunning with the purple bristles.

Black gel brush 5pcs picture

This is a wooden handle gel application brushes, 5 different sizes to pick up diffent size beads of builder gel, or even to paint free hand nail art.…

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Pink diamond 7pcs gel brush picture

This beautiful set of gel application brushes are ideal for a beginner nail technician to have in your collection.  They start at a size 2 up to size 14 brush.

Gel round brush picture

This is a beautiful pink gel brush with a lid and crystals in the handle.  This will be great for applying builder gel/hard gel, you can even use it to apply gel polish from pots.

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