Electric Nail Drill Bits

7pc high quality nail drill bit set - set #1 picture

7pc High Quality Drill bit set for electric nail files

Electric blue drill bits picture

This bits come in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Extra Coarse.  These will help in your finish filing with your clients and cut down on the appointment time.

Electric nail drill bits 3/32 flame r95 picture

These ceramic bits will help you with your finish filing, this will allow you to cut down on your appointment time with your client's.

Electric nail drill bits 3/32 flame picture

This will help you cut down in your finish filing time, and allow appointment time to be shorter.  Your client's will be able to be assisted in a faster manner.

Electric pink drill bits picture

These drill bits will help you with your finish filing, including cutting down on the appointment time with client's. 

Sanding bands 100pcs picture

This is an essential for any nail tech using and e-file, you get 80 gritt, 120 gritt and 180 gritt and there is a 100 pieces in a packet.  Ideal for nail prep and finish filing.

10 holes drill bit stand pink picture

This is an ideal way to keep you e-file bits safe and within easy reach of your hands on your desk.

Please note this does not include bits.

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