Crystal gem nail holder picture

This is ideal for you to practice application of product or nail art that you want to do.  

Crystal brush holder picture

Here is a lovely addition to your Workstation to hold your brushes and make a lovely piece to add to you workstation.

Manicure plate picture

This beautiful Manicure plate that has a great irredscent look, you can use it a brush holder or gems to be picked up.

Nail art pull-out display picture

This is ideal to display your nail art excercise you have created for your client's to see.

Nail art display frame picture

This stylish frame is ideal for displaying your nail art creations on.

Ring bottle display 50 pcs picture

This is ideal for putting colour pops on your bottles so your client's can see the colours you have or you can find the colour they have choosen from your colour pops.

Nail art display strips 50pcs picture

These strips are ideal for placing your nail art for display for your client's or you can use it for your press-on Nails to send to your clients.

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