Dipping Acrylis System & Powders

Dipping powder full application system picture

Here is the full system you can use to start using dipping acrylic on your client's nails.

Dipping powder system - base coat picture

Here is the base coat you can use to apply when using dipping acrylic on your client's nails.

Dipping powder system - activator picture

Here is the activator you can use when using Dipping application.

Dipping powder system - top coat picture

Here is the finishing product for the dipping acrylic system.

Dipping powder system - brush saver picture

This is a product you can use to save your brush when applying Dip Acrylic to your client's nails.

Color change dipping powder 10g picture

This is a dipping powder that changes colour in Hot or Cold, this creates an amazing effect on your nails.

Dipping holographic powder 4 in 1 picture

This is great for your clients because you can use it in 4 different ways, dipping, with Monomer, 3D Nail Art and as a chrome, this is a bargain.

Dipping powder 10ml - cover pinks & dark colours picture

Here is a selection of colours you can use for a natural looking nail for your clients with dipping application.

Please indicate in a whatsapp what colour you would like.

Glitter dipping powder 10ml picture

Here is a selection of Glitter Dipping Powders you can use to make your client's nails look extra special, or even an accent nail.

Laser dipping powder 10ml picture

This is also a glitter type dipping powder you can use on your client's nails to create a wonderful accent nail on your clients nails.

Please indicate…

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French dip powder holder picture

This is the a must if you love doing acrylic dipping.  It will help you create the perfect smile line during the dipping application process.

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