Bulk Products - Full Ranges

As gel polish flash drill series 1 to 24 picture

This is a highly pigmented gel polish that will last up 4 weeks on your client's nails.  This series gives you all the sparkle you need in gel polish.

Color change dipping powder 10ml - full range picture

Here is a great deal buy all 12 colour changing dipping powders and your client's can enjoy choosing the colour they would like.

Dipping powder 10ml  cover pinks & dark colours full range picture

This is the opportunity to buy all 12 colours at once and have them all in your collection, or start your collection.

Misscheering 15ml polygel full collection picture

This is a great product to use as an application product it lasts upto 4 weeks on a client's nails.   Here you can order the full collection.

Color change polygel 8ml full collection picture

Here you can start your collection of colour changing Polygel for your client's.

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