Builder Gel/Hard Gel

3d modelling gel 12pcs picture

This is a way to create 3D nail art with gel, you can manipulate it to create whatever design you want.

Builder gel 15g picture

This is a builder gel that is 3 in 1, base coat, builder gel and top coat, it is of medium to hard vsicosity, so it will be a very versatile builder gel to have in your application process.

Keystone builder clear gel picture

This is a builder gel that can be used to build an extenstion and ecapsulate your nail art or gel polishes.

Uv building gel picture

This is ideal for someone wanting to learn, or to start a kit for training purposes.  These gels are 15ml.

Spider gel picture

Create wonderful nail art with spider gel, the easy way to make lines and create something different on your client's nails.

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