Accessories & Nail Tools

Gem remover picture

This will help you remove gems that you have applied to your client's nails. Taking the hassel out of removing gems from your client's/

Fabric hand pillow picture

This pillow you will use for your client's to rest their hands on while you are doing the manicure on their nails.  This is removable, so you are able to wash it.

Leather hand pillow picture

This leather pillow can be used to rest your clients hands on during their manicure.

Acrylic mold 6pcs picture

This is ideal to use 3D Gel or Acrylic to create wonderful 3D art specifically for your client that you can paint to suit the gel polish on your client's nails.

Divider box picture

This storage solution will hold your gem/crystal collection for your 3D Nail art.  It has 28 compartments 4 in a row and 7 dividers.

Eyebrown scissors picture

This is ideal for cutting stripping stape, or even for the lash tech's that need a straight scirrors to their work.

Nail file plastic stand picture

This will be great to have for all your disposable items on your work station as well as all your prep tools to keep everything close to you and will look great on your work station.

Nail form stand: large picture

This is ideal for you to store you nail forms in and come in a Large size and will make it easier for you get display and store your forms in.

Nail form stand: medium picture

This is ideal for you to store you nail forms in, this is of medium size ideal for the butterfly shaped forms.  Easy way to store and display your forms on your work station.

Cuticle oil - cranberry picture

This is ideal for applying to your client's nails once you have finished treatment or you can sell it to your clients to use at home.

Thymol antibactarial picture

Thymol which is an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of and kills microorganisms. Some of the most common microorganisms ar…

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Anti-static rainbow stainless steel tweezers picture

These tweezers can be used for picking up big gems, placing striping tape and water decals.

Bended manicure tweezer picture

These tweezers are ideal for picking up big gems, placing striping tape and other nail art that is difficult to pick up with any other tools.

Brush cleaner plastic cup picture

This cup you can use to clean your acrylic brushes, gel brushes and nail art brushes in.  There is holders on the sides that will keep the brushes in an upright position.

Brush holder picture

This brush holder will keep your brush from picking up fluff whilst your doing your clients nails.

Crown mandala bottle picture

This is great to have for all your liquids you use on your work stations sanitizer, Acetone, Alcohol and any other liquids your might use.  Colour sent randomly.

Cuticle nippers picture

This tool is used to cut your client's cuticles.  They can be sterilised.

Lint free finishing wipes picture

This is great to have you can use them in prep, removing the sticky layers of gel polish, wipe down dust you need removed during finish filing.  There are 900 in a pack.

Glass liquid cup picture

This glass cup you can use for the different liquids you use either monomer, alcohol for nail art, or acetone to remove a tip quickly.

Opi mandala pressing bottle picture

This bottle holds 250ml of liquid, ideal for your all your different liquids you have at your work station.

Plasticine 102pcs picture

This is used to place your practice tips on a surface to keep the tip in place.

Pressing pump bottle picture

The is the smallest of the pump bottles, ideal for the mobile nail techinician you can carry small amounts of the liquids that you need for doing an …

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Pressing pump bottle medium picture

This bottle is great for you to use to hold all your liquids that you use as a nail technician.  You can also use it if you are mobile. This is …

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Double sided red tape picture

This tape can be used to fix nail tips to display strips, or on a display frame.  You can use it in the display books for your gel polish colours and to display your nail art for client's.

Stainless steel pinchers picture

This is a tool that you use when applying acrylic to your client's nails to pinch the product and create a C-Curve, you can also use it to pinch Poly…

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Stainless steel cuticle pusher picture

This is a must have in any nail tech's bag or work station.  You use it to push back cutciles and remove dead skin from the nail plate.

Straight manicure tweezers picture

This is great to use to pick up big gems or crystals you use on your client's nails.  Even lash tech's can use them to apply lashes on their client's.

Liquid latex picture

This liquid latex is used when you do an ombre or stamping.  This makes is easier to clean up after you have done an omber, or prevent the exten…

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Primer superbond picture

This is a primer that is acid free and works both with acrylic and builder gels.  You will not damage your client's nails with this primer.

Nail form stand - size: s picture

This nail form hold helps by keeping your nail forms in on container and not rolled up in the desk or work top.  This is a neat way to keep ever…

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Large stainless steel cuticle pusher picture

This is a large stainless steel cuticle pusher that you can use, there is a hook point on as well to get the tough skin off the nail bed.

Pu leather instagram hand pillow + mat picture

These mats will be ideal for you to use for taking pictures and you get a complimenting pillow that comes with it.  There are 4 different patterns.

Tips cutter picture

This is used to cut nail tips that are glued onto the nail for extentions.

5pcs 3g glue bottles picture

Here is a packet with 5 Pieces of glue that you can use for glueing on your tips on your client's nails.  Or embrase the new trend and make pres…

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Alcohol pads 100pcs picture

These are alcohol pads you can use to disinfect your client's nails when preparing for application of product.

You can also use this in the kits for y…

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Byb 10g glue with brush picture

This is glue that you can use to apply tips to your client's nails when preparing to apply product to there nails.

You can also put this in a your cus…

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5 pcs manicure set picture

This is ideal for home use for you to be able to do a simple manicure of your nails.

This contains of:

  • Toe Seperator
  • Cuticle Cutter and pusher
  • Soft Cutic…
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